Learning to Pray Like Jesus
by Wendy Coy

Principles and practices from 25 years of learning to hear from God and learning to minister healing to others.

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What Others Have Said...

"Two things are needed in a good Christian book: principle and practice. The principles show the reader the reasons for doing something; the practice shows how to do it. There are plenty of books with much principle but little practice, so the reader never finds out how to do something. But Wendy's book is full of both principles that come from the Word of God and practices which have been born out of faithful application of those principles. I recommend this book heartily. The reader can trust what is found here. I would urge the reader to put into practice what is found in this book. They and those they minister to will be richly blessed."
Rev. Mike Flynn, Founder and Director, Fresh Wind Ministries
Wendy Coy has given us a potent look at prayer! We all want to "Learn to Pray Like Jesus" but often we feel weak and empty...  like a two-talent servant! This book will fill your tank and put ammo in your weapons of prayer! Read it with expectation and you won't be disappointed! Blessed are those who join Wendy in "Learning to Pray Like Jesus!"

Dr. Brian Simmons
Founder and Director, Apostolic Resource Center
“Just tell us how,” is the cry of most Christians. They have a desire to hear God’s voice and put it into action. Wendy Coy gives us sound and practical steps to getting there. Wendy, along with her husband Phil, have years of experience helping the church understand how to “Hear God’s Voice” and how to pray it forth. LEARNING TO PRAY LIKE JESUS in the hands of Christians can change a generation!

Todd Skeirik
Senior Pastor, Gateway Christian Fellowship, West Haven, CT